Popa Mountain Resort

Type of Work

M&E works

Typology / Industry

Resort / Hospitality 


Completed in Feb 2001 

Scope of Work

M&E works including power supply; lighting & power installation; switchboard & cabling; external lighting and air-conditioning installation. 


Mt. Popa is located 48km away from the ancient city of Bagan. The resort comprises nine tastefully-designed villas, lavishly furnished and well-equipped with modern facilities. 

The architecture appears organic as if naturally formed within the terrains of the mountain. Each villa is carefully and cleverly designed, as if rising quietly from the terrains, boasting commanding views of the famous Taungkalat–2,500ft. above sea level. 

The resort features a blue-tiled swimming pool, a spa and conference facilities. Guests can also enjoy outdoor activities such as trekking, nature walks, sightseeing, horseback riding, bird- and butterfly-watching, swimming and golfing.